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Currently I am working as an Electrical Engineer Designer full time. However, I offer freelance printed circuit board layout design services on a part time basis. I have 20 years of experience as an Engineer laying out printed circuit boards using various design software.  I have experience with multilayer design, mixed signal, and power electronics.  Currently I am using Altium Design software for schematic capture and layout.  I provide a low cost part time layout service.  This benefits some companies as they do not have to take on a permanent employee.  I am available evenings and weekends to work remotely from my home. However, you can contact me anytime you wish by email, text, or leave a message on my cell phone.

The following is how we can work together:

You provide the mechanical dimensions/constraints of the PCB including key locations of connectors, mounting holes, key components, a rough schematic including component information/bill of materials, current ratings for items that are not so obvious from the schematics (ie current ratings for off board devices), and I will provide the following:  

My deliverables to you would be the Altium project files, gerbers,  parts list with reference designators, and a 3d model of the board in stp file format

I work with a few PCB fabricators/assemblers so I could obtain PCB fabrication quotes for you as well, including assembly.    I will provide an estimate for each job. I am very efficient in Altium. Simple to moderate 2 layer boards are about 4-6 hours to lay out. Complex multilayer boards usually take 16 hours or longer.  

I also offer design and prototyping services for those interested in testing out their concept.  Required hours and rate depends on the project. I can also agree on a fixed price per prototype project, please inquire.

  Steve Campbell - 5318 E 2nd St. ste 662 Long Beach, CA 90803 - 562-599-9058 - stevejcengineer@gmail.com or dreamhobbies@charter.net

Steve Campbell's Resume 20 Years of experience in Electrical Engineering and PCB Design
Altium Certifications Certifications in Altium Advanced PCB Design and Altium Library Management

Example Past Projects

Figure 1. 7 Layer Controller Board for controlling a laser marking process


Figure 2. 4 Layer Relay Matrix PCB for testing Medical Heart Catheters


Figure 3. Simple 2 Layer PCB for a Solar Powered Wireless Access Point


Figure 4. Prototype Testing of the Solar Powered Wireless Access Point System using a breadboarded PCB.


Figure 5. 2 Layer Interface PCB for a Resistance Welding Controller


Figure 6. Prototype Breadboard of an FPGA development board


Figure 7. My modest set of test equipment for prototyping and testing.  Not fancy, but it gets the job done.



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