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Steve John Campbell

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Updated December 11, 2016

Currently I am working as an Electrical Engineer at Amada Miyachi America in Monrovia, CA. However, I offer freelance printed circuit board design services on a part time basis. I have 20 years of experience as an Engineer laying out printed circuit boards using various design software.  I have experience with multilayer design, mixed signal, and power electronics.  Currently I am using Altium Design software for schematic capture and layout.  I provide a part time layout service.  This benefits some companies as they do not have to take on a permanent employee.  I am available evenings and weekends to work remotely from my home. However, you can contact me anytime you wish by email, text, or leave a message on my cell phone.

The following is how we can work together:

You provide the mechanical dimensions/constraints of the PCB including key locations of connectors, mounting holes, key components, a rough schematic including component information, current ratings for items that are not so obvious from the schematics, and I will provide the rest.  

My deliverables to you would be the Altium project files, gerbers, bill of materials, and a 3d model of the board in stp file format

I have worked with quite a few PCB fabricators so I could obtain PCB quotes for you as well, including assembly.    I will provide an estimate for each job. I am very efficient in Altium. Simple to moderate 2 layer boards is about 4-6 hours to lay out. Complex multilayer boards usually take 16 hours or longer.  


Objective: To offer freelance part time printed circuit board design service.



Experience in design, assembly,  and troubleshooting of the following: Control Systems using analysis of poles and zeros, Data Acquisition, Lasers, Opto-electronics, Linear circuits using Opamps and Transistors, FPGAs, Digital Circuits, PLDs, Microprocessors, PCB design using Altium, Cadence, and Orcad, and utilization of various test equipment such as Oscilloscopes, Digital Multimeters, Data Acquisition, Logic Analyzers, AP Instruments Frequency Analyzer, Environmental Chambers. Soldering surface mount and fine pitch (ie. 0.5mm and 0603) components, and rework.

Experience in various computer software  and operating systems including installations, include: Windows Operating Systems, Altium, OrCad/Allegro, Cadence, Electronics Workbench, CircuitMaker, Xilinx ISE, MPLAB, Word, Excel, Powerpoint,Access, Quickbooks, Frontpage, Photoshop, MASM, Visual C++, Visual Basic. Familiar with Solidworks 14.

Experience in Computer networking, maintenance, troubleshooting, and upgrade include: Cabled and wireless router setup/security, Client for Microsoft Networks, setting up workgroups and user access levels, file and printer sharing, PC maintenance using Disk Defrag, Disk Cleanup, System Backup/Restore, backed up email files (.pst for outlook, or .mbx/.toc for Eudora), backed up files on ftp server, Adaware, and various Anti-Virus programs. Troubleshooting with msconfig, task manager, device manager, and event log.  Familiar with Ghost imaging software such as Norton Ghost, and Symantec Ghost Solution Suite for cloning, and file backup over a network. Upgraded or replaced the most common hardware items such as harddrive, memory, video card, sound card, cpu, motherboard, power supply, CD drive, fans, and other peripheral devices.

Experience in business and marketing include:  Advertising, webpage design, purchasing, procurement, inventory control, product research, product testing, customer service.


Educational Background

Nov. 2014 Solidworks Solidworks Essentials 4 day course

2012-2013 Altium - Training for Advanced PCB Design, and Library Management.

August 1997    California State University Long Beach - Bachelor of Science degree in

                        Engineering Technology (Electronics Option)

Member of the CSULB Solar Car Project, IEEE, and IMAPS.

The Solar Car project enabled me to gain experience in stringing solar cells together,

Power trackers, power monitoring, and electronics integration.

May 1995        Long Beach City College - Associate of Science degree in Electronics Technology

May 1993        Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts

May 1989        Redstone Arsenal Alabama - Certified Tow 2 missile system repairman


 Work Experience

Jan. 2015 to present Electrical Design Engineer for Amada Miyachi America.

Sep. 2014 to Jan. 2015 Electrical Engineer II for Johnson & Johnson Biosense Webster.

 Experience included: Designed electrical test fixtures for heart catheter systems.

June 2014 to Dec.2015 Subcontractor for Applitec Technical Resources Inc.

                        Experience included: Provided schematic/pcb design work using Altium Design Software.  The PCB designs are for my previous employer Miyachi-America Corp.

April 2014 to Sep. 2014 Allied High Tech Products Electrical Engineer / Service Technician

Experience included: Manufacturing Design Support, and service technician.  This involved mechanical assembly, wiring,  calibration, and design changes. I  also analyzed, assessed, and modified a product for CE compliance testing. 

Jan. 2011 to April 2014 Miyachi-Unitek Electronics Design / Test Engineer

Experience includes: Developed a low force weld head controller and weldhead. This involves a PIC32 processor, FPGA, linear motion control using an Analog PID controller, Servo amplifier, positional sensors, accelerometers, and force feedback control. I developed a Reflow Instrument for reflowing solder on PCBs. This involved a high power 8KVA transformer, solid-state relays, PIC32 Processor, thermocouple circuit, I/O, keypad, and lcd display. I designed 17 different PCB boards including two 7 layer boards. I also assisted the Laser Marking team with the design of their PCBs. All designs were well documented in schematic form, block diagrams, test plans and procedures, harness drawings, and Bill of Materials. I used JDE planning software for engineering change orders, and product releases. Electronics design software includes Altium Design Software. I conducted extensive testing on all electronic systems that were developed. This includes, noise analysis, thermal testing, force analysis, power performance, and functionality. I also assisted the software team in debugging of software.

Feb. 2009 to Nov. 2009 Source Scientific Inc. Engineering Tech Contractor                       

            Experience included: Supported the design, assembly, testing, troubleshooting and repair of Medical/Laboratory Devices. The products I helped develop were contracted by medical device companies to be developed by Source Scientific.  This involved embedded processors such as the Coldfire, ARM, and HC12. Supporting electronics included: Various sensors (ie. Flow, pressure, optical, temperature), motion control, lasers, data acquisition, input and display technologies, digital I/O, electrical and mechanical assembly, cable design, PCB soldering and re-work with surface mount components.  Supporting design tools included Altium Integrated Electronics Design Software.

Dec. 2000 to 2009 Dreamhobbies (Owner) Retail Store / Ecommerce                         

                        Experience included: Sales of Electric Remote-Controlled Aircraft, parts, and accessories, customer service, product market research, website development and search engine optimization techniques, B2B relationship building, Distributor and wholesale supplier searches, Quickbooks Accounting software, PC maintenance, repair, upgrade, and basic PC networking.  

June 97 to May 2004   Diagnostic Products Corporation Electrical Engineer           

Experience included: Development, Design, assembly, and troubleshooting of a Surface Plasmon Resonance Fluorescence medical laboratory instrument. This instrument was fully automated with a pipettor, vacutainer handling, cartridge handling, barcode scanners, whole blood filtration, PC windows user interface, and door safety interlocks, my responsibilities involved the following: Designed Analog and Digital Circuits using Orcad/Cadence computer Schematic capture software, breadboards,  protoboards, printed circuit board design using Orcad/Cadence PCB software, PC to Hardware interfaces, Digital I/O, Digital to Analog and Analog to Digital Conversion, wire and cabling, Control Systems for (thermal electric cooling, heating, and DC motors),  Data Acquisition, Stepper Motor Control Systems, Optical Detection Systems, Laser Systems, Designing for (UL safety standards, FDA, and CDRH), Designing for manufacturability, materials and electronic components procurement, bill of materials, cost analysis, documentation, PC hardware specifications, PC hardware implementation, PC operating system and software setup. Assembly of electrical as well as mechanical assemblies. To sum it up, our department was responsible for taking a product from a concept, to breadboard, to prototype, and finally to a finished product ready for production.

June 1990 to May 1992 Cal-South Industrial Scales 

Experience included: Calibration and refurbishing of industrial electronic and  hydraulic scales, welding, industrial painting, and facilities maintenance.

May 88 to May 96 California Army National Guard                   

            Rank: E-5 Sergeant

                        Experience included: Troubleshooting and repair of the TOW missile system to the

                        Board level. 



I have a large list of references which I can make available upon request.